Blockchain Tech Can Give Gaming Industry A Leg Up (Forbes)

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“While the blockchain gaming space has been evolving rapidly, there have only been a few pioneering examples of how the technology can change the face of gaming with companies looking to showcase the blockchain as the game’s backbone.

A lot was made of Huntercoin as far back as 2014 when it became the first real blockchain and decentralized strategy MMO game. It was a fork of Namecoin, a famous altcoin predecessor, and was mainly an experiment to see if a blockchain buy ambien network could handle tens of thousands of players moving around a map in a decentralized blockchain world.

It turned out to be quite a success as players flocked to it with the added incentive being the ability to make money off the game through its mining algorithm. You could click on the screen to nearby or far away locations and collect all the Huntercoins you’d like.”

Excerpt from Forbes (keep reading)