We are proud to support and organize a variety of events related to blockchain-based video games and their platforms. Here you can see them all!

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Physical CoinFest gatherings have been POSTPONED worldwide due to coronavirus.

Read below to find out what’s happening in April.

CoinFest is one of the oldest conferences in the cryptocurrency space and adheres to strict principles of decentralization, with simultaneous events around the world held at venues accepting crypto payments. Attendance is always free thanks to generous volunteers for this non-profit initiative. At CoinFest 2020, we are proud to represent and celebrate the blockchain gaming movement in an official partnership once again.

To celebrate this April, we’re going to be having events online in Decentraland, the decentralized virtual world based on blockchain technology. Registration and play is handled via web browser on their website. Players use the /goto XX,YY command in the chat panel to teleport to the specified venue coordinates. Players must also specify which realm to join; we will let all attendees know which realm we’re using before each event begins. If you need help finding us, join the CoinFest Telegram chat¬†and a link to join our realm will be provided.

To learn the schedule and details about each event, see the posting on EventChain. The physical events listed below will still occur in the fall/winter or next year, depending upon how the novel coronavirus situation unfolds. Stay safe, blockchain gamers!


Vancouver is the birthplace is both CoinFest and the Blockchain Gaming website and continues to innovate. In addition to Bitcoin food, Bitcoin drinks, and other festive attractions, one full day will be dedicated exclusively to blockchain gaming.

Guests at CoinFest Vancouver can expect a variety of booths, presentations and panel discussions. There will also be Bitcoin Poker and possibly other games.

**postponed to 2021 due to COVID**


The largest event of CoinFest is held in Manchester every year. This time it will last 3 days, and include a significant blockchain gaming component.

CoinFest UK will have an entire area dedicated to blockchain gaming marked by signage. There will be several related booths, featured discussions, and also time on the main stage. Don’t forget to enjoy the crypto bar and musicians, as well!

**postponed to 2021 due to COVID**

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**on hiatus**

Regular Meetup events will return after the conclusion of CoinFest and DogeCon