We are proud to support and organize a variety of events related to blockchain-based video games and their platforms. Here you can see them all!

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CoinFest is one of the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency events in the world, and CoinFest UK in Manchester is usually its biggest event. Currently scheduled for near the end of November, this 3-day event has thousands of people looking forward to it after a long hiatus due to COVID. Blockchain Gaming will be a central component, with its own booths, panels, presentations and activities.

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Blockchain Gaming Scholarship Program: First Class (open to all attendees)

We’re hosting a series of classes to help students of play-to-earn gaming learn the ropes. Our first class will be about HashKings, a Hive game in our Accelerator Program that is growing quickly in popularity. Topics will include the intricate relationship between BUDS, seeds, water and MOTA, and how to spot and capitalize from market inefficiencies.

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