A decentralised autonomous world

Choose from three houses to compete for land, resources and reputation


Locate and fight for rare artefacts


A massive multiplayer online game that runs 100% on blockchain and peer-to-peer technology, made in-house for the XAYA platform. Make the long journey through space to explore and conquer the planet of Taurion.

Player driven economy

Cryptographically secure assets

Provably fair gameplay

Decentralized network with no server

tokens earned through human mining


In the year 2251, humans fleeing the destruction of Earth began a millennia-long journey on massive spaceships to settle the planets Lionis, Aquarion and Verdis, each with wildly different environments. Their settlements evolved into competing civilizations with varying political systems.

After eons of limited interaction due to vast distances, a new planet between them called Taurion was discovered. Scans revealed it to be rich in resources, including the ruins of an ancient civilization, and a race to colonize it began.

Gameplay information

Download resources

Taurion is a blockchain game which requires the XAYA wallet synced and running.

Windows only. Linux and Mac coming soon.

Windows 7 64bit
Intel Core 2 Duo 3ghz / AMD Athlon II X4 640 3ghz
5GB HD Space (includes blockchain)
2017+ Intel iGPU / AMD APU
Internet Connection