Cannabis Farming Simulator on the Hive Blockchain which offers users the ability to grow virtual weed and earn cryptocurrency

About HashKings

HashKings is an idle cannabis farming game for the blockchain era, drawing on founder Daniel Pittman’s experience with the Canna-Curate community. It is likewise community-operated and uses the Hive blockchain, the true successor to Steem with a huge line-up of dapps. Featuring in-game cryptocurrency and NFTs which can be freely exchanged, it presents an exciting new play-to-earn / human mining opportunity, playable on

The various fungible and non-fungible tokens in HashKings balance each other out in price and supply. You need to farm BUDS to earn the MOTA currency; MOTA is then used to get water (ticker: HKWATER) and non-fungible seeds; water and seeds are needed to grow more BUDS. You can also craft joints and boosters and level up your avatar. The game is currently in beta, with many more features on the way.

Intricate economy

Three fungible tokens sync in perfect harmony with various NFTs

Idle gameplay

Your crops keep growing even when you’re not around


Players can trade game tokens they earn for usable currency


Uses the Hive blockchain, which features a wide network of dapps

Web client

Can be played via any common Internet browser

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HashKings: the Great Flood

HashKings: the Great Flood

"Just as the Great Fire of Buskeria began to die down, the rain drops started to fall. At first it was just a trickle, marked on Hive Engine with the first order from a new seller. Before long, however, it grew into a torrential downpour; the sky turned dark, and...