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About Orbiter 8

Orbiter 8 is a casual spacefaring game designed by Partavate Studios to run as a dapp on the Ethereum blockchain network. Orbiter 8 focuses on the following features:

Blockchain Centric World – Where many games seek to touch the blockchain lightly, Orbiter 8’s core gameplay runs directly on the Ethereum blockchain. Standing out from the more common casino and trading card dapps, Orbiter 8 is a turn-based game played at a casual pace in a massively multiplayer near-future gameworld.

Simple and Stylish UI – Orbiter 8 will be easy to learn and challenging to master. Orbiter 8’s interface is designed to be lightweight, accessible, and visually compelling. The HTML-based game client will run in most Web browsers with modest hardware requirements.

Casual Gameplay – The opposite of a twitch game, players will thoughtfully consider each option before commiting their next turn to the network. In Orbiter 8, gamers will fly to distant stars, trade, battle, and build empires at a pace that might feel something like a game of chess.

Gameplay involves space exploration, trade and combat in a massive multiplayer online universe. Players pilot a ship of their own, which they may upgrade as they gain fame and fortune.

The game is still in beta mode, but is playable for free via testnet. The development roadmap is divided into 4 stages, currently on stage 3, meaning trade and combat are not yet operational. Demo 4 is expected to be complete sometime 2021-2022.

The developers are active and responsive to members of their community. Check out their social media channels!

Casual & Simple

Easy to learn, relaxing to play.


Uses familiar wallet apps and protocol standards.

Decentralized world

All core gameplay is calculated on-chain, reducing central server reliance.

Persistent MMO

The game world is always running, even when you’re not there.

Web client

Can be played via any common Internet browser.

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Introducing Orbiter 8

Introducing Orbiter 8

"Orbiter 8 is a Web 3 game dapp (decentralized application) designed to run on the Ethereum blockchain (a decentralized application platform). A wide range of influences have guided me into the current design, making it something of an intersection...

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