A decentralised autonomous world

About Taurion

A massive multiplayer online game that runs 100% on blockchain and peer-to-peer technology, made in-house for the XAYA platform. Make the long journey through space to explore and conquer the planet of Taurion.


PERSISTENT UNIVERSE: All day, every day, unstoppably, the action never ceases. A sandbox decentralised world with pure freedom

PROVABLY FAIR: All actions are recorded and verified using blockchain technology, cheating is impossible and all actions are transparent

Upgrade and customise your vehicles

Deploy your strategy wisely

Fully player-driven economy

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Blockchain Gaming: XAYA Overview

"There is a lot of history behind XAYA. It began in 2011 with Namecoin, to which core XAYA team members were major contributors. Forked off of Bitcoin, it took the concept of embedding critical data of the blockchain—despised by Bitcoin purists who view non-financial...