About XAYA

XAYA is the product of Malta-based company Autonomous Worlds. This open source, peer-to-peer platform promises to completely decentralize the video game industry, a step beyond most others which take a hybrid approach.

XAYA was inspired by Huntercoin, a famous chapter in early blockchain gaming history. The idea was to put an entire game world on the blockchain, with no mods, admins or central server required. Truly autonomous.

Scalability issues plagued the Huntercoin client, however, and it could only handle one simple game. XAYA is an entire decentralized console, allowing all kinds of video game developers to deploy their games to XAYA’s peer-to-peer network. It also facilitates easy trustless exchange of items or even accounts.

This is made possible with some clever new innovations. Chief among them “game channels,” an adaptation of the Lightning Network concept. Settling the results of a match on the blockchain is only necessary if someone tries to cheat, which is disincentivized through clever token economics.

Another remarkable adaptation is ephemeral timestamps, a means of limiting the amount of data needed on the blockchain to settle disputes over game channels. Academic research on these techniques by the Xaya team can be found in the journals Ledger and Springer.

Read our full official review for more information. You can also watch our demonstrations of Xayaships and Taurion on YouTube.

Project features

Highly Scalable

Designed from the ground up with game channel technology for virtually unlimited transactions

No Servers

Guaranteed 24/7 uptime! Run your games entirely on the blockchain without centralised servers

Real Ownership

Players truly own their assets and are free to trade as they wish

Easy Development

Choose any language you wish.
Your game. Your way.

Provably Fair

Cheating is impossible when the game is transparent and provably fair

Safe Trading

Secure trading using Atomic Transactions makes fraud a thing of the past

Complex Dapps

Decentralised applications without limits in complexity


Massively Multiplayer is the default for XAYA-based games.

Games & DAPPs portfolio


The #1 True Blockchain MMO

Beyond blockchain, Taurion is one wicked-cool game. Elements of 4X, RTS, and human mining come together to form a new game the like of which has never been seen before. Set many 1,000s of years in the future, players explore the planet Taurion to find their fortunes, form alliances, and battle against each other. Tech Demo is now Released

Go to Taurion!

Soccer Manager Elite

The Most Advanced Game of its Type

Buy stakes in a soccer club. Manage the team. Lead them to victory. Rise in fame and get rich! This evolution of the popular Soccer Manager series of games takes ownership to new levels. Never before have the stakes been so real or the competition this fierce.

Join the Elite and prove yourself.


Isles of War

Raise Armies, Fight for Money!

Isles of War is an idle strategy game with a real cash economy! Players develop islands to gain resources used to maintain their growing island nations. Every island can be stolen so players will have to defend their islands with bunkers, soldiers, tanks, and aircraft. In addition to the mobile style strategy gaming, there are player driven resource markets and global resource pools that players can compete for. After beta, players will be able to sell their in game money for CHI to other players and cash in on their hard work and victories.

Join the war in Isles of War



Game Channel Tech Demo

Xayaships is a blockchain version of the classic naval warfare Battleship game. Battleship has been around since at least the 1930s, but it was in 1967 that Milton Bradley created the plastic board and peg version that most people are familiar with. Its rules are relatively simple but gameplay is relatively quick and perfect to demonstrate the cutting edge Game Channels technology that Xaya allows.



Xaya ID Delivers

A secure identity application built on top of the XAYA platform.Wherever ID or authentication is required, XID can provide it without passwords and by using blockchain technology to login to websites and apps securely.

Use cases include:
– Secure website sign ups and logins
– Secure chat and communications
– Application security and licensing
– And many more…



Treat Fighter

Victory is Sweet!

Running on the XAYA blockchain, Treat Fighter is a collectible game where you as Overlord cook Treats, gather candies and recipes on expeditions, and fight PvP battles against your fellow Overlords. Will you take up the challenge to dominate in the land of Canedoom?




Andrew Colosimo


Daniel Kraft

Lead Blockchain Developer

Konstantin Gorskov

Lead Game Developer

Bas de Gruiter

Business Development

Patrique Burgersdijk

Project Management

Ryan Smyth

Community Management

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